When you are in a reading slump...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Guys, it happened. I knew it was only so long. I've been on a reading high all year. I'm already about 65 books in... for 2016 alone. But, I finally got hit by a dreaded reading slump. I haven't wanted to read, or write blog entries, or do much of anything book related. So, now that I think I've worked my way back out... I'm here to tell you guys what I do to get out of these horrible things we all fear.

1. Give yourself a break.
           - Sometimes you just need that break. As fun as reading is, it can be exhausting. Your brain is literally going on one adventure after another. There is no harm in taking a day or two here and there to enjoy things in real life... or maybe binge watch a tv show. I got into a murder mystery party online with some friends, and we had a blast. I think I read about 10 pages of my book over those couple of days, but it was worth the break.

2. Don't force yourself to read a book
           - I try to give books a fair chance. I'll read 50% before I put a book down. 99% of the time I'm usually invested enough by that point to finish the story. Even if I don't enjoy it, I do finish most books. It is rare that I don't finish a book. But, when I feel a slump coming on. I do not force myself to read. It will only make you resent that book... it might be a new favorite that you miss out on because you just don't want to.

3. Reread an Old Favorite
           - The thing that never fails for me. Pick up an old favorite book. One you know you will enjoy. I just so happen to be in the middle of a reread of the Harry Potter Series. So I just picked up the next one for this month... and disappeared into my favorite world for a few days. This almost always breaks me out of any slump. Just like it did this time. But, if you are still struggling here are a few more tips.

4. Try a new genre
           - Sometimes, we just tire out of a genre. Maybe, you have been reading high fantasy for the last few months. So pick up a contemporary story. Maybe mysteries have been your thing, so pick up a humourous nonfiction book. Just mix things up some. It might just be the repetitiveness that is pulling you down.

5. Get around those other blogs/ or on booktube.
            -  Nothing ever makes me want to read, quite like hearing someone else who has really developed a passion for a book. Seriously, it excites me and I want to read that book THAT SECOND. So, find someone raving about a book you've had interest in... or maybe a new book you haven't heard of. Let their excitement pump up your own excitement.

6. Slowly get back in.
           - Don't feel like you need to immediately get back to your normal amount of reading. This kidn of goes back to tip 1. If you normally finish a book in about a week, spread it out even more. Even if you are only getting 5 pages of a book read a day, you are still reading more than a huge population. Slowly build yourself back into reading more, or maybe you'll discover that reading slower just works for you. That's fine do you!

7. Have you tried audio books?
            - This isn't a tip so much, as just a little tid bit. I have been falling in love with audio books. I usually try to get my hands on whatever book I'm reading in audio format. (Online libraries have some great selections these days!) Anyways, I listen to an audio book while I'm doing other menial tasks. Driving to the store, or work. Cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry. This way, even if I'm not reading with my eyes, I'm still listening to and enjoying a book. I have only recently discovered a love for audio books... but I am a huge fan now. A lot of times they carry me through a slow part of a book and get me so excited that I have to pick the book up and finish it as soon as possible.

So there are my tips. If you also have tips, I'd love to hear them. Like I said, I've been in a pretty bad one the last couple of weeks... and I'm not on a reading high now, but that's okay. I'm going out and enjoying the warmer weather with my son a lot. It is making me so happy to see the green leaves beginning to sprout.

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  1. I loooove your tips and I really need them right now! I've been reading like three books a month and that's killing me. I hope I can catch up soon!