Top Ten Characters Everyone loves that I just don't

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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I'm generally someone who likes most characters. In fact, I rarely severly dislike a character that was supposed to be liked. I guess I have low expectations, or something. However, there are always thoses characters that just kind of irk you, so here are a few of mine.

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1. Josie from The Return - I just find Josie so boring in this series. Yes, I think Seth needs a girl that is softer, but I can't stand how obnoxiously insecure Josie is. She annoys me.. and it's ruining this series for me.

2. Gale from The Hunger Games - I liked Gale well enough in the first book, but something just seemed off with him after that. His jealousy just didn't feel natural. I kind of wish Suzanne Collins had left out the whole love triangle and just had him focus as a friend.. I think I'd have liked him more then.

3. Eleanor from Eleanor and Park - I get it, she's a tortured girl who has had a hard life... but guys she was a total B**** to Park multiple times when he didn't deserve it. I just didn't connect with this book at all.

4. Lucia from The Falling Kingdoms - I had such high hopes for Lucia... afterall she's the only known sorceress in this world, and yields all the elemental magic. But, she's so boring and naive, and whiny. I keep waiting for her to become better, but I can't stand her.

5. Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey - I didn't even finish this book, much less the rest of the series. Nor do I have any intentions of seeing the movies.. but this guy is just creepy. Nothing sexy about him.

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6. Ron from Harry Potter series - I don't hate Ron, but so many people adore him and I just don't. He was the most dramatic and over the top of the bunch. There were several times in the series when he really grated on my nerves.

7. Edward from Twilight - I liked him okay in the first book.. the rest of the series I was rooting for Jacob to win Bella's heart. I just didn't care for him.. I didn't hate him... but I thought he was kind of boring.

8. Sookie from Dead Until Dark - I just can't stand the personality of Sookie in this series... she annoys me. I even tried the tv show and she annoyed me there too. I think we just wouldn't mesh as friends. (I only read the first book... maybe she matures, but I don't care to find out).

9. Nehemia from Crown of Midnight - This is probably the most scandalous I can get... but Nehemia annoyed me in the series. I didn't care at all at the end of this book.

10. The Darkling from Shadow and Bone - SOO many people love him. But, I just didn't Alina gave him plenty of chances. If he'd taken one I'd be fine with him... but no he consistently hurt her while claiming to love her oh so much. I just don't get the love for him.


  1. The Darkling and Gale are on my list too... I didn't like either of them very much at all. Christian Gray is on a lot of people's lists today, and interestingly enough, so is Ron Weasley. This is a good list :)
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  2. I'm doing a reread of HP for the first time and I've found myself getting REALLY annoyed at Ron!! He's so moody and quick to act like a fool. It's weird how I overlooked a lot of that stuff when I read the books for the first time. And I was Team Peeta, so I definitely wasn't feeling Gale.

    1. Ron is such a diva. I didn't notice it when I was younger either, but as an adult he drives me bonkers... maybe it's because I've gotten past the moody stage in life.

  3. The Darkling was going to make my list this week, but of characters that I liked that others didn't seem to! I liked him, but not as a romantic interest for Alina. I liked him as a character, and I just kept wanting him to make better choices.

    My TTT.

    1. I did want him to redeem himself. But, he had so many chances and never took them.. so I officially had to let go of any love I held for him.

    2. I totally get that! I haven't read Ruin and Rising yet, so I haven't had to come to that just yet :p

  4. I still need to read The Return and The Power! And I almost chose Lucia as well, but haven't read the latest book yet so I couldn't quite recall my feelings towards her but for a few glimpses of some! LOL!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  5. I actually liked Sookie LESS as the books went on! In the beginning she was naive and I could deal with it but by book 10 she can no longer claim to be naive and it just came off as annoying!

  6. Oh, interesting choice with Nehemia! I admit I was shocked and saddened by the events in Crown of Midnight, but I can see what you mean about her being unlikable. She came off as very self-righteous at times!

    Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

  7. I liked Gale in The Hunger Games. I liked him better than Peeta but it was written in a way that favored Peeta. I also loved Eleanor and Christian too. And of course I liked Ron and Edward as well, BUT The Darkling, yeah I just don't get it AT ALL!

  8. I liked Gale in The Hunger Games. I liked him better than Peeta but it was written in a way that favored Peeta. I also loved Eleanor and Christian too. And of course I liked Ron and Edward as well, BUT The Darkling, yeah I just don't get it AT ALL!