Review: Firsts by Laure Elizabeth Flynn

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Published: January 5, 2016
My Rating: 

Summary: (Taken from Goodreads)
Seventeen-year-old Mercedes Ayres has an open-door policy when it comes to her bedroom, but only if the guy fulfills a specific criteria: he has to be a virgin. Mercedes lets the boys get their awkward, fumbling first times over with, and all she asks in return is that they give their girlfriends the perfect first time- the kind Mercedes never had herself.

Keeping what goes on in her bedroom a secret has been easy- so far. Her absentee mother isn’t home nearly enough to know about Mercedes’ extracurricular activities, and her uber-religious best friend, Angela, won’t even say the word “sex” until she gets married. But Mercedes doesn’t bank on Angela’s boyfriend finding out about her services and wanting a turn- or on Zach, who likes her for who she is instead of what she can do in bed.

When Mercedes’ perfect system falls apart, she has to find a way to salvage her reputation and figure out where her heart really belongs in the process. Funny, smart, and true-to-life, FIRSTS is a one-of-a-kind young adult novel about growing up.

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Cover Thoughts:
Nothing really special about it. I'm not a fan of the choice of converse shoes on the bed, but it is what it is. I don't think it catches my attention or anything, I just kind of saw it... 

My Thoughts:
I don't give 1 star ratings often, it had to have been a really bad. Honestly, I didn't even get through the whole book. Around 80% I was just done. I didn't care and put it down.

I don't think I'm hip enough for this book. Cool enough? Youn enough? The summary really caught my attention. I thought it'd be a great read, but it just wasn't, at least not for me. I guess my problem was Mercedes. She wasn't likable. I didn't feel bad for her at all. She was a faker. This girl sought out taken boys then rationalized sleeping with them as helping the girls. I hate that. If you want to have sex with a bunch of guys, be my guest. But, don't purposely go for taken guys. I lose all respect for that. To be honest, I knew this going in. I knew I'd hate Mercedes at the beginning, but I expected the author would redeem her somehow and make me feel sympathy for her. And she didn't. Not one bit. I honestly couldn't find 1 single quality that I did like.

I honestly don't even know what to say. I'm really trying to think of something I liked about the book, but the main character makes me so angry that I have a hard time. I guess I like that the author tried to conquer such a difficult topic in her first book. Slut shaming is still very prominent in todays culture, and it is usually deemed okay by people. So, I think Flynn took a big risk which is awesome. It just wasnt done in a way I could appreciate. 

I really hate giving a 1 star to a debut author. Hopefully, she can come back with something awesome in the future. Honestly, I might try her again... I mean I really did like the risk she took, so I want to see he grow in the future. Please? Maybe?


  1. I'm sorry to see that you didn't like this one. I had heard good things, though I appreciate your honest opinions.It sucks that the main character made you so angry. :/

  2. I've noticed that people really hate this book or really enjoy it, and that there's not much of an in-between. I actually liked it a lot, but I can totally understand the reasons you put it down. Usually these things would have made me put it down too, but for some reason I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did. In the end, it's a lot about self discovery and acceptance, and although Mercedes is pretty unlikable throughout most of the book, we get to see why she is the way she is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't like this book, though I've read many negavite reviews about it these days. I guess I don't read it ever.
    Have a nice day!