Top Ten Tuesdays: 2016 Resolutions

Monday, January 4, 2016

This week's theme is Resolutions. We were left open to choose our types (bookish, books we resolve to read, ect.) I decided to do half bookish resolutions and half personal resolutions.

Bookish Resolutions
  1. I resolve to read at least 75 books this year! After having my son, my reading time plummeted I used to read at least 150 books a year, then 2 years ago I read barely 20. I'm finally getting back in the swing and want to continue reading as many books as I can. So many books to read, so little time and all that!
  2. I resolve to read 1 book every month that isn't YA or Romance. I'm genre stuck. I love those 2 genres and rarely ever drift out of them. After all I have plenty of material to read within them. But, I want to broaden my horizons at least a little bit this year. 
  3. I resolve to attempt to review every book that I read This one is pretty obvious. I'm bad about writing reviews, but I want to keep up with writing them for every book whether I love it or hate it.
  4. I resolve to comment on more blogs. I am really bad about commenting. I read so many blogs, and never leave feedback... yet I eat it up when I get a comment. So I resolve to leave you all more comments to boost your spirits. Hopefully, this will help me actually get to know people in the book blog universe.
  5. I resolve to continue reading to my son everyday. This one is kind of personal. I love my son and I love books. I want ot pass this love down to him. We already read every day, but I want to continue making a conscience effort to read to him, and instill a passion for reading in him. (It's working too! He LOVES getting new books to read.)
Personal Resolutions
  1. I resolve to travel more, despite the hurdles. We can fly anywhere for free thanks to my husband's awesome job. Seriously, free. We have to pay lodging, but even there we get HUGE discounts. But, we haven't gone anywhere this year. The idea of dragging all my son's stuff on a plane is daunting. I want to change that though. We applied for our passports yesterday, and will hopefully spend a few days in Punta Cana next month.
  2. I resolve to work more. I'm getting lazy. I love staying home with my son, but I'm taking too many extra days off. I'm only required to work 5 days a month, but I should be working way more. After all, we need to be able to afford to travel.
  3. I resolve not to eat out more than once a week. This goes with my laziness. I have plenty of food in my house to cook, but I don't want to do the work. Once again, I need that eating out money for travel! This includes ourdering out!
  4. I resolve to take my son somewhere fun every week. I try to make sure L has all kinds of experiences. We have memberships to the local zoo, children's museum, and science museum. There are wonderful parks and playgrounds walking distance away. There are some of the best hikes in America less than an hour away. There really isn't an excuse for hiding in my house all week. 
  5. I resolve to make friends We moved to Colorado over the summer. I haven't met a single person that I consider a friend. I need to though. I'm an introvert, but I'm not so introverted that I don't need a couple of girls to talk to. My best friends back in Virginia are in a completely different place in their lives. It'd be nice to meet someone that is married with kids already.
What are your resolutions this year? I'd lvoe to hear from you... and since one of my resolutions is to comment more, you will definitely hear back!


  1. Lovely resolutions! Good luck with them all :-)

  2. Girl, I am an introvert too. I know what that's like to move to a new city and all. We relocated away from our friends and family and it is tough. I wish you the best of luck with all of your 2016 goals.
    -Smart Dames Clever Books

  3. A lot of this is really hard with a kid - I totally feel you and admire you for these resolutions! Don't be hard on yourself about your reading - it's very difficult with so much to do. As for making friends, what worked for my bff when she had a kid was taking her daughter to play groups and the library and meeting parents. Also, how about a book club in your area? I really hope that works out for you!

    Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. Those are some great ideas. I've done a few playgroups through meetup, just haven't really clicked with anyone yet. I do need to find a real book club though!

  4. These are great resolutions. I think it's difficult to make new friends when you move somewhere new. Maybe through your son? When I was at home, I met lots of people through my kids. Or maybe with a real, live book club?

    I wish you good luck!

  5. I definitely have to get better about commenting as well. People put so much effort into their blog posts and I feel like I need to be doing more. Your goals are great and I'm sure you and your son will greatly benefit from more exciting trips! Happy 2016! Good luck with all your goals!

  6. Good luck with all of your 2016 resolutions!
    My TTT: